Software Engineering @ University of Waterloo
I build AI to better understand and interact with our digital and physical world.

I am currently working on end-to-end visual reasoning for robotics, multi-modal memory architecture for LLMs and critical safety systems for train automation.

Shapeshift — Independent Research
Attention/LSTMs & Fourier analysis to optimize the construction of earthquake-resistant buildings alt

Portal — Winner Hack the North 2023
Multimodal search through files, browsing history and messages through knowledge graphs alt text

Hitachi Rail — Summer 2024 Internship
Low-level critical safety systems for NYC Railroads alt text

Audio2Vec — Built in 4 hours!
Audio embeddings model to spaitally represent sentiment alt text

Self Driving Tank — Featured by OpenCV
Autonomous car to deliver food anywhere on Waterloo campus alt

Matchmaking Graphs — TreeHacks 2024 & Socratica Symposium
Software to see who you are most similar to at events alt text

ConnexSci — Winner Hack the North 2022
Public funding and distribution model for research, graphing 250k research papers alt text

Etherealism — Independent Research
VQGAN Implementation for Poetry-to-Image model with diffusion using CLIP and Sentiment Analysis alt text

Energy Distribution — EF Hackathon Waterloo
A public distribution & bidding model for homes to buy and sell renewable energy

Zephyr — WWDC Student Developer Challenge
Offline mesh network with mulit-peer connectivity in Swift to enable encrypted offline communication between nearby devices

Aire — High School Platform
Knowledge repositories to manage clubs and members in my high school

Fleet — Independent Research
Evolution simulation models for internal organs

Centric — Independent Research
Report generation for doctors using conversations and aggregated medical history knowledge graphs