Rajan Agarwal



Imagineering With Hack Club

Last updated Oct 19, 2022

This summer, I got the opportunity to work with Hack Club to redesign their application flow. This would handle all new applications for students to start a Hack Club at their own schools, connecting students with delegates from around the world.

This project was featured in Github’s Newsletter, Hack Club’s VIP Newsletter and other media during the launch, culminating to 1M+ interactions with the platform. The platform manages 6000+ users actively in multiple languages.

Using full-stack principles, my intention in this platform was storytelling. People should understand what Hack Club is, their core values and why applying was the right choice. A core part of developing this experience was interactivity and a linear flow — instead of individual pages, one develops a stronger understanding of Hack Club as they progress.

Here, students can invite co-leaders to fill out the application with them; these co-leaders get a separate view of the platform. On this page, there is a brief outline of what needs to be done and how long the process will take.

Above is a sample of an individual page, where student leaders are asked to fill out information about themselves and details of the club. Questions on these pages were also altered to be more respectful and inclusive.

Upon acceptance, leaders are asked to join a meeting with Hack Club HQ, Brasil or APAC depending on their region. Applications are screened by the Club Operations Team. Each large step (starting the application, inviting coleads, submitting, acceptance, etc…) are also coordinated with emails for confirmation of progression.

Previous Design

With the previous design, there were a few core details that must be fixed

  1. The application should be linear. It should be evident how to begin and how to finish the application.
  2. Interactions with the site are complimented with alerts, making it difficult to experiment and test things out
  3. It was unclear what next steps were when applying and how to interact with specific parts of the platform
  4. Add multi-lingual support! A significant amount of applicants apply to Hack Club Brasil, requiring Portuges.
  5. Questions should be more inclusive, aligning with Hack Club’s values
  6. SEO should be fixed — starting a coding club should be congruent with starting a Hack Club

This summer, I hope that I helped make starting a Hack Club easier for students around the world. Within the Hack Club community, I continue to run one of the largest chapters at my school, host digital/IRL workshops and interact with worldwide members.