Rajan Agarwal



Welcome! I’m Rajan, a developer and independent researcher engineering intricate systems and crafting thoughtful tools. My passion for software is rooted in building platforms and infrastructure that can be used by millions of people, while meeting wonderful people along the way. Currently, I’m building Arterial to help build better cities at scale.

I believe that knowledge should be connected through networks. Previously, I worked as a Software Engineer at Camp Social and built ConnexSci. Now, I’m researching interfaces, climate and health systems and models.

Globally, I helped raise $20,000USD for reproductive access and engineered new systems to help teens learn how to code. Within my community, I’m tackling food insecurity within governments, enabling financial literacy in youth and maximizing community involvement.

In my free time, I play and compose music, write poetry, take photos and work on my novel.

I’m always interested in meeting new people — find me on Twitter, Curius and Github.